Job Preparedness Indicator, October 2013

The 2013 Job Preparedness Indicator is the third annual survey designed to identify gaps between the skills candidates say they have and the skills employers seek to fill available positions. This year’s findings indicate a widening gap between America’s hiring managers and job seekers in terms of how each group views the skills employees need to thrive in the workforce, their outlook on the U.S. job market and the steps job seekers should take in order to gain employment.  Based on the findings, Career Advisory Board members provide actionable advice for how job seekers can shift their mindsets and improve their marketability.

To view the press release, full research report, infographic and executive summary, please click on the links below.

Job Preparedness Indicator Research Press Release

Job Preparedness Indicator Results Report

Job Preparedness Indicator Infographic

Job Preparedness Indicator Executive Summary