Job Preparedness Indicator, October 2011

The second piece of research conducted by the Career Advisory Board, The Job Preparedness Indicator,  assessed the value of key job skills. Top U.S. employers ranked skills by their importance and how prevalent they are among candidates. Those skills that were ranked most important but least commonly seen among job seekers are considered the most highly valued traits. In addition, the indicator also identified a disconnect between what job seekers perceive as necessary for landing a job in contrast to what hiring managers believe. Based on the findings, Career Advisory Board members provide actionable advice for how job seekers can close the skills gap and make themselves more marketable to employers.

To view the press release, executive summary, full research report or infographic, please click on the links below.

Job Preparedness Indicator Press Release

Job Preparedness Indicator Executive Summary

Job Preparedness Indicator Research Report

Job Preparedness Indicator Infographic